Silk Flowers: Tacky And Cheap Or Pretty And Chic?


Silk flowers are realistic and lifelike versions of the real thing, but they can also be stylized to have colors and even scents not found in nature. Are silk flowers tacky and cheap, or are they pretty and chic enough to use at a wedding? For many, especially those on a budget, the answer is pretty and chic.

Here's five reasons silk flowers are the option you should consider. 

Hay Fever Sufferers: No More Sneezing

Hay fever affects many people at a wedding, so having real flower arrangements can trigger allergy and asthma attacks. 

To make your special day safer for those who have respiratory conditions, silk flowers can be used. They have no pollen, so no one will react to them. 

Wary of Interruptions? No More Bees or Bugs

Bees and bugs that get into your flower arrangements can interrupt your ceremony or reception. Those who are allergic to bee stings may even have to leave early due to the risk. Avoid using real flowers, and you can be sure you won't attract these stinging creatures due to your flower arrangements. 

Cost Matters: Save on Silk Flowers

If you don't have a large flower budget, you can save the day with silk flowers. You can purchase them as bundles at any local craft store and make your bouquet and arrangements yourself, or hire a florist to make silk flowers for your special day. Many high-quality silk flowers look identical to the real thing, but they cost a fraction of the price. 

No More Wilting Away: Silk Flowers Don't Die

A huge problem many brides face is knowing when to order floral arrangements and choosing the day for them to arrive. If they come too soon, you risk them wilting or dying before the wedding, but if you order too late, they may not arrive in time. 

Silk flower arrangements can be made at any time and stored anywhere. They don't wilt, don't move to seek out sunlight, and won't die before your wedding day. 

Spots, Rot, and Discoloration: No More Imperfections

Another serious benefit of silk flowers is that they are all made to high standards and won't have the same imperfections as real flowers. There are no variances in color (except those you choose), and you don't have to worry about holes in petals from bugs or stems that have started to discolor and die. 

These are just five of the benefits of silk flowers for your wedding. If you're interested in using them, look at some artificial arrangements online; there are many to choose from! Contact a company like Primrose and Poppy to get started.


18 March 2015

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