The Best Solutions For Four Commonly Overlooked Issues With Wedding Flowers


Flowers help set the mood for your wedding and reception, and they are often one of the first things the bride envisions after the dress. When selecting your flowers, keep in mind these four common but overlooked issues. This ensures your flowers exceed your expectations on your big day.

Issue #1: Fragrance Fails

You love the heady and romantic fragrance of roses or freesia, but your guests may not. In fact, a fragrance allergy and the wrong table centerpeice could leave a guest absolutely miserable.

Solution: This doesn't mean you have to skip your favorite fragrant flowers. Instead, use these flowers in your bridal bouquets and on the reception serving tables, where they are unlikely to bother anyone's sensitivities. For dining table centerpieces, opt for either non-fragrant flowers, such as orchids, or varieties of flowers with minimal fragrance. For example, there are roses available with almost no fragrance, which are a better choice for a table centerpiece (or a sneezing bridesmaid).

Issue #2: Pollen Problems

Pollen isn't just an allergy issue, it can wreak havoc on your otherwise perfect dress or stain table linens.

Solution: Don't skip pollen-heavy flowers if you really love them, but use them wisely. Lilies are a popular wedding flower but they shed pollen everywhere. Fortunately, by spending just a small amount extra, you can get lilies with the pollen anthers removed. Beautiful flowers, no pollen – a perfect match for your wedding.

Issue #3: Climatic Conundrums

Climate and temperature is a major concern for your wedding flowers, especially if you are hosting an outdoor wedding or reception.

Solution: Pick cut flowers that can thrive in the expected temperatures and conditions for your wedding. For example, cut hydrangeas are beautiful, but they won't survive long under the hot sun without sufficient water. If your heart is set on hydrangeas, make sure everything is well shaded and give them vases with plenty of water. Or, compromise and combine dry hydrangea blossoms with other live flowers in heat-susceptible areas.

Living plants are another option for a hot venue. Small potted flowers can be attractive and there is no wilting concern.

Issue #4: Budget Bummers

You know what flowers you want, but your budget just won't stretch far enough.

Solution: Consider some creative options for getting exactly what you want for the price you can afford. One often over-looked cost cutting measure is to reuse the ceremony flowers at the reception. Choose altar and pew bouquets that can double as table centerpieces. This gives you twice the mileage from fewer flowers. If your budget is really tight, use the expensive blooms you love where they really matter, and then pick a complementary but less expensive bloom to fill in the rest. Finally, remember a little goes a long way. A single rose can be just as striking on a table as a full bouquet.

Don't put off the flowers until the last minute. Meet with a florist early in your wedding planning so you can set a realistic budget and pick the best flowers for the time of year.


24 March 2015

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