Important Reasons to Send Flowers to Someone in the Hospital


If you wonder about the best gift to send to someone you love while that person is in the hospital, you might think about the real health benefits of fresh, cut flower arrangements. Flowers are not only beautiful, but they provide some health boosting benefits as well. Check out the reasons sending fresh flowers to someone recovering in the hospital can help them get better faster.

Fresh Flowers Have a Natural Way

The positive effect a fresh flower bouquet can have on a patient in the hospital is greater than you may think. Research shows how flowers can help to support emotional balance and an overall greater sense of well being during recovery in a hospital or home setting. Not only do flowers trigger an instantaneous emotional boost, they can also help to maintain positive feelings by simply being displayed beautifully in a hospital room. Studies have also shown how flower gardens at hospitals have a positive effect on recovering patients, so imagine how well a bouquet may do in the room of your recovering loved one.

Decreasing Anxiety and Depression Can Help Speed Recovery

Studies have proven that fresh flowers can help to reduce high anxiety and depression. The less stress you are experiencing while in the hospital recovering from an illness or surgery, the faster you will get better and go home. Providing an object like a fresh flower bouquet that carries with it excitement, happiness and a general over all good feeling to a hospital room is extremely important to your loved one making the fastest recovery.

 Feeling Less Lonesome and Frightened Is Important During Recovery

When someone has a friend or family member with them in a hospital room, that person is not thinking as much about their recovery or illness leading up to recovery. Instead, that person is focusing on visiting. If someone a patient cares for sends flowers to their room, the same thing can happen every time the patient looks at the flowers. Flowers can provide a nice distraction from feelings of loneliness and fear that would otherwise interfere with adequate healing.

For many people, being able to provide strong emotional support to a friend or family member in the hospital can be tough. This is especially true if you live far away from that person. By sending flowers to someone you love that is hospitalized far from you, you are showing that person you have him or her in your thoughts. Knowing someone out there cares is some of the best medicine available for patients during recovery. Talk to a florist for assistance.


27 May 2015

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