Make A Wreath With Fresh Cut Flowers And Foliage


Learn how to make a wreath with fresh cut flowers, foliage, and some basic craft supplies. After you have completed the wreath, hang it from your home's front door or give it to a new neighbor to help them feel welcome in their new surroundings.


  • fresh cut flowers
  • wet paper towels
  • ferns
  • random greenery
  • ruler
  • sharp scissors
  • floral wreath form
  • water
  • decorative ribbon
  • ornaments
  • hooks

Select Flowers And Foliage And Soak The Wreath Form

Purchase a variety of flowers, ferns, and greenery from a florist. Consider how you would like the finished wreath to appear and select flowers that fit into the color scheme that you have chosen. Wide flowers with several petals will give the wreath a full appearance. Many types of ferns are hearty and last for several days after they have been cut, making them a beneficial choice to use to decorate the wreath. Random greenery will help fill up empty space and give the wreath a natural look.

Ask the florist who assists you for suggestions when you are making your purchases. After you bring the flowers home, wrap wet paper towels around the stems so that they stay moist while you are preparing the wreath form. Place the form in a basin filled with lukewarm water for several minutes. The foam that the wreath form is made out of will retain the water. After the flowers and greenery are attached to the form, they will absorb the moisture and remain fresh for several days.

Cut The Stems And Attach The Flowers And Foliage

Lay the flowers, ferns, and other greenery on a flat surface. Cut the stems from the items with a pair of sharp scissors so that they are all the same length. A stem that is a few inches long is all that is necessary to decorate the wreath form. Insert the stems in the wreath form by pressing them down firmly. Place the flowers in between pieces of greenery to give the wreath a natural look.

Cover the sides of the form so that the wreath is evenly decorated. Take your time and stand back as you add flowers and foliage to see how they look next to each other. Taking your time will help you create a wreath that is stunning and unique.

Add Ornaments And Ribbon

Add small, dangling ornaments to various parts of the wreath to add beauty and originality to the decoration. Ornaments that depict some of your favorite hobbies or your name are an option that you may want to consider if you are keeping the wreath. An ornament that says "welcome" or that depicts friends or a house will make a nice decoration if you are giving the wreath to a new neighbor.

Attach a hook to each ornament and insert it into the wreath form. Cut a piece of ribbon, secure it to the wreath, and tie it into a bow. Hang the wreath up outside of your home or give it away as a token of your friendship. For more information, contact a professional like those at the Bouquet Flower Shop.


10 August 2015

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