Flower Delivery: Three Ways to Plan Ahead and Surprise Your Sweetheart


Sometimes the biggest barriers to remembering special days with your sweetheart is remembering them before the actual date and finding what you want on the date of the event without paying last-minute costs. If you find yourself constantly in a bind (either because you forget important events or because you spend far too much to get flowers and treats to your sweetheart on the day of the event), there are other ways you can manage these situations that make it easier on both your memory and your wallet. Try one of the following ways to make your significant other happy and keep yourself out of the doghouse.

Schedule Your Order a Month in Advance

Many online florists now allow you to schedule your delivery up to one month in advance. This is advantageous, since you can pick any day, any time, and any place to have the flowers and/or treats delivered. You will not be late for that important birthday, anniversary or special event ever again if you use this online ordering tool. Additionally, if you need to cancel the order or make changes to the items, the delivery location, or the time, you can log back into the account you created with the online florist and make adjustments to your order or delivery details.

Open a Standing Account with a Local Florist

Some local florists allow customers to open accounts with them. This feature allows you to keep important dates on file with the florists and preauthorize the florist to send flowers to your significant other on those special days. Even if you forget, the florist does not. If you do not want to preauthorize the florist to send flowers and bill you later, he or she can still keep important dates on file for you and remind you via phone or email that it is time to order flowers again.

Schedule Service the Night Before (Last Chance)

If you call a local florist before closing time the night before the special event, you can still get your order in and on the delivery truck for the next morning. Some florists may charge a little extra for this, but others will not so long as you are calling several minutes before they close up shop for the night. (If you attempt to place the same order in the morning, it may require the florist to send a second delivery vehicle out, and that is why you are charged extra for last-minute service the day of the event.)

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24 November 2015

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