Higher (Education) Love: Making Creative Valentine's Day Cards In Your Elementary School Class


Valentine's Day is known as a day of love. It is also one of the best times to teach the students in your class to show appreciation for one another while working on their penmanship and writing skills. Often schools can allow students to bring in their own Valentine's Day cards to share with their class and friends. Instead of this exercise, which can leave some students left out, you can practice good citizenship with another inexpensive, more inclusive option. Here is how you can create a memorable Valentine's Day for your class. 

Order a flower for each person

Flower delivery on Valentine's Day is a given, but not often for schools. Order a few dozen flowers from a flower store to make sure that you have enough for at least one flower for each child in your class. You can skip the most expensive or sought after flowers, such as roses, to make sure that there will be no issue with delivery and stock. Have the flowers delivered to your classroom on the morning of Valentine's Day to make sure they are fresh.

Give everyone a name and blank card

Issue everyone a blank index card and an envelope. On one side of the index card should be the name of the person that they are assigned to write a Valentine's Day message for. Assign everyone at random, so that everyone gets a message and possibly talks to someone that they do not ordinarily play or communicate with. This exercise will make sure that students think about every interaction that they have had with another student and take into account that they may actually want to expand their friendship circle. 

Have students write a three line or more message

Taking time to work on penmanship and expanding vocabulary is a good thing. Have your elementary school class write a message to a classmate that consists of at least three lines. One line should be an introduction of themselves to the person that they are writing. The second line should be one trait or characteristic that they like about the person receiving the message. The third and final line can be a memory that they have of the person. Even written in short and rudimentary sentences, this message can adequately give the reader and writer something important to compose and read. 

Deliver these at the end of the day

Once the students have composed their messages, collect them at your desk. During recess or another break when the students are out of the room before the end of the day, place a flower and the message on each student's desk. This makes sure that all of your students receive special recognition and something nice said about them during the day. Getting these at the end of the day means that the students will not be distracted during the work day. It also provides free time for students to use the rest of the day to say thank you to the person who wrote them the letter, showing friendship and good citizenship. 


29 August 2016

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